Fractured Earth

Session 7

Operation: Fallen Stars

The Team arrives in Norway and meets UP operative Trym Fadness. Under Fadness’ direction, the Team makes the dangerous journey to cross the tense international border leading to Estonia. In Estonia, they find the secret laboratory of Dr. Malik Krylov.

Dr. Krylov is hiding at Prospero Avenue, an infamous Gen Den in an abandoned bank in Tallinn’s ruined financial district. He has converted the antique underground vaults of the bank into an ultra-modern cybernetics lab and medical facility. They quickly begin working with the alien Storage Unit.

Krylov can help the Team unlock the Storage Unit but they need Christina Burke to receive a dangerous neural implant. She reluctantly agrees and the surgery is done. Being tough, her recovery is swift and within days she is communicating with the Storage Unit.

She discovers that the Influence is looking for a mysterious object that was lost during the Sundering of the Moon. Using data from the Star Fields Observatory, they pinpoint the location of the Lost Lunar Object. It fell into the jungles of Cambodia, an area controlled by the mysterious Warriors of the Black Lotus. They dispatch a search team from Australia to investigate.

The UP search team sends back pictures of an impact crater that has been concealed. It is almost impossible to see from the air unless you know it is there. VTRS-1 orders the search team to land and investigate the site on foot.


Sterling_Cutter Sterling_Cutter

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