It took over two years for mankind to discover the true reason for the Moon’s destruction. When it fractured in late 2014, the world struggled to deal with cataclysmic environmental impact. The floods, earthquakes, and climate changes brought the planet to the verge of chaos. Over 10% of the world’s population perished in the first three months of the disaster.

A year after Sundering of the Moon, the Lunar Belt finally settled into its now familiar position. Scientists said the stability of the Lunar Belt was uncanny; its behavior defied every law of physics as they understood them. No one really cared why it formed like it did since the Lunar Belt brought stability to the Earth’s oceans. Mankind once again had hope.

Hope faded in December 2015 when the scientific community of the world was forced to acknowledge The Influence. These strange poltergeist-like incidents were carefully documented by top notch scientists who were at a loss to explain them. The major religions of the world quickly claimed that events involving The Influence were miracles that proved their particular brand of monotheism. Religious conflicts flared up across the globe with the worse wars occurring in the Middle East. These smaller conflicts pulled in the great superpowers and a new Cold War began.


The religious overtones to the world’s woes only became worse with the coming of Demonfall. All over the globe, terrible monstrosities began falling from the skies, bringing death everywhere they landed. Varied in form and capabilities, the Demon Forms clearly resembled the nightmare creatures of every major belief system. For many, Demonfall was absolute proof that the Earth was experiencing a religious apocalypse.

Unfortunately, this supernatural threat did not serve to unite the peoples of the world. Fear and religious turmoil made unity impossible. Each superpower worked alone to find a solution and survive.

In the West, the United American Forces (UAF) discovered Transplasmatic Fluid (TPF). This strange biochemical substance is the only material common to all known Demon forms. Its extraction is very difficult; the Fluid was discovered by accident in an American bioweapons lab. From Transplasmatic Fluid, the Special Utilities Development Systems (SUDS) team refined a powerful narcotic that enhances the abilities of Plasmid-receptive humans to near superhuman levels. This dangerous and highly addictive extract is known as Plasmid. A very expensive, synthetic version called TPF-227 was developed by Dr. Alex Turner for members of the UAF SpecOps Corps.

In the East Bloc, a breakthrough by Dr. Malik Krylov in the understanding of the human brain led to advanced cybernetic enhancements. Cybernetic soldiers such as Ruslan are becoming more and more common among the Russian Special Forces.

As the superpowers struggled with each other despite the great threat posed by religious zealotry and Demonfall, a small group of scientists and paramilitary professionals, including Donald Fontaine, have formed across international divides. This group is known as The Unity Project. They have formed to learn the cause of the Lunar Belt, The Influence, and Demonfall and to combat the threat to all of mankind. In pursuing their goals, The Unity Project has stolen government equipment, recruited government personnel, and infiltrated government offices. This had made The Unity Project a terrorist organization in both the West and the East.


Fractured Earth

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