Dr. Alex Turner

Gungho Skunkworks Field Tester


Former Official Occupation:
Experimental Itemization Field Deployment Specialist
Last known whereabouts:
Science labs of Unity Project.
- Combat Action Ribbon for < REDACTED >
- Marine Corp Expeditionary Medal for < REDACTED >
- Joint Service Achievement Medal for TPF research
- Distinguished Warfare Medal for Cybernetics Counter Systems experimental testing
- Pistol Marksman
Alex Turner is a man of enthusiastic character. Formerly employed by the United American Forces (UAF) in the Special Utilities Development Systems (SUDS) as an Experimental Itemization Field Deployment Specialist (EFD), which is the codename for UAFs advanced weapons division. Alex was considered one of the bright stars of the division – with skills in development as well as deployment- until his defection to the Unity Project (UP).

Alex married Anna Burke on May 23rd 2013. They never had children. Anna died June 3rd 2015 due to ingestion with experimental Transplasmatic Fluid (TPF) 227. Due to Anna’s death Alex became adamant with the refusal of body augmentation. Though he refused of personal augmentation, Alex worked on several TPF formulae in the years after Anna’s death.

Alex Joined UP on June 3rd 2017. Noted date might not be coincidence. Alex has since repeatedly made known his disagreements with TPF or any permanent augmentation use on troops.

Dr. Alex Turner

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