Fractured Earth

Session 7
Operation: Fallen Stars

The Team arrives in Norway and meets UP operative Trym Fadness. Under Fadness’ direction, the Team makes the dangerous journey to cross the tense international border leading to Estonia. In Estonia, they find the secret laboratory of Dr. Malik Krylov.

Dr. Krylov is hiding at Prospero Avenue, an infamous Gen Den in an abandoned bank in Tallinn’s ruined financial district. He has converted the antique underground vaults of the bank into an ultra-modern cybernetics lab and medical facility. They quickly begin working with the alien Storage Unit.

Krylov can help the Team unlock the Storage Unit but they need Christina Burke to receive a dangerous neural implant. She reluctantly agrees and the surgery is done. Being tough, her recovery is swift and within days she is communicating with the Storage Unit.

She discovers that the Influence is looking for a mysterious object that was lost during the Sundering of the Moon. Using data from the Star Fields Observatory, they pinpoint the location of the Lost Lunar Object. It fell into the jungles of Cambodia, an area controlled by the mysterious Warriors of the Black Lotus. They dispatch a search team from Australia to investigate.

The UP search team sends back pictures of an impact crater that has been concealed. It is almost impossible to see from the air unless you know it is there. VTRS-1 orders the search team to land and investigate the site on foot.

Session 6
Operation: Fallen Stars

As Operation: Fallen Stars continues, the Team’s careful planning leads to a swift victory against the Manta Ray, forcing it to retreat to the ocean depths. Although one patrol boat was severely damaged, the Oberth suffered no casualties.

With the ship secure, the Team continues their individual research projects while the Oberth moves through the still Atlantic waters. Several days into the journey, Faulkner asks Kodiak to meet with him privately. He tells Kodiak that the UAF has dispatched the remaining Sabre Project members to find Kodiak and his nanosuit; unfortunately, the Oberth cannot provide Kodiak safe haven despite their great debt to him. Kodiak decides to accompany VTRS-1 to Norway. During the conversation, Kodiak recalls the circumstances leading to his recent defection from the UAF.

Faulkner decides to show the Team the most important project aboard the Oberth. Dr. Alexander Campbell has captured a member of species known as The Influence. His experiments definitively prove that they are not spiritual in origin but are alien beings that exist entirely within the Higgs Field. Their strange physiology gives The Influence their spirit-like nature. Although they can be captured, the individual Influence escape from the Higgs Vortex within days. Any efforts to communicate have failed. Understanding the importance of the Oberth’s work, the Professor announces that he intends to quit VTRS-1 and stay aboard the Oberth.

As the Oberth approaches Norway, experimentation by Dr. Turner shows that The Influence reacts to the signals in a previously discovered EM range but the reaction does not convey any communication. Also, he shows that the biology of the Demon Forms seems to be unrelated to biology of The Influence; they probably did not evolve on the same planet.

On a lighter note, Kodiak and Ruslan delight the crew with an epic arm wrestling contest.

Session 5
Operation: Fallen Stars

During Operation: Fallen Stars, the Team made it to the Freeship Oberth. Boarding the vessel brought the team into contact with Kodiak, a recent UAF defector in an experimental nanosuit. While at first intimidating, he became quickly integrated into the workings of the Team.

Also aboard the Oberth was as a small boy named Rin who could turn into a Demon Form. This disturbed Alex greatly and made both Alex and the Professor come to realize that human beings are being broken down and remade, with a key to the process laying in the mutated adrenal gland.

Shortly after this discovery, a giant Demon Form known as a Manta Ray came bursting out of the ocean to harry the Freeship Oberth. The party got ready for a fight!

Session 4
Operation: Observed Destruction

During Operation: Observed Destruction, the VTRS Team intercepted a distress call from VTRS Team 12 stationed at an AltComm Bunker under the Star Fields Observatory near Chiefland, Florida. The team showed up to find several Raptors assaulting the base. After making quick work of those, the team went inside to find even more Raptors shredding the observatory equipment and the bunker doors ripped open.

Then the team ran into the new Demon Forms known as Canines. While dog in shape, these would probably be better described as hell hounds. They breathed fire and tended to be unaffected by effects caused by flashbangs. They were a bit tougher of a fight.

After dispatching those Canines, the team moved on to rescue Kevin Collier (a VTRS leader) and a single wounded researcher. The team was shown the med bay where a new experimental plasmid was being worked on – one for invisibility. Having an injured researcher, the team gathered as much of the research as they could and quickly evacuated. The team grabbed a Raptor body to study, then enacted Protocol 13 on the base.

In the distance from the base as the team was leaving, the team witnessed a firefight between UAF troops and a massive Demon Form classified as a Hammerhead. The Hammerhead lost, and when it did it exploded- showering the area in a caustic fluid. It was then theorized that it was a self-destruct mechanism to stop the body from being experimented on.

The raptor was being dissected and the team was in flight towards their original destination before the distress call.

Session 3
Operation: Oliver’s Twist

During Operation: Oliver’s Twist, the VTRS Team was forced to land in La Romana in the Dominican Republic. The loss of the Storage Unit forced the Team to become involved in local affairs. Acting heroically, the Team overthrew the notorious drug lord General Dominico Lozada Huerta. During the battle, they rescued Dr. Vital Corrales Cisneros, a scientist who discovered that rare Demon Forms can digest human body fluids, creating the exceptionally pure “Blue Plasmid”. After a brief stay to organize UP reconstruction efforts, the Team continued to Florida and the Freeship Oberth with Christine Burke. In flight to Florida, the Team’s science duo has devised some very fascinating application for Blue Plasmid.

Session 2
Operation: Keelback Backup

See previous entry for details.

Session 1
Operation: Keelback Backup

During Operation: Keelback Backup, our VTRS Team dropped into Camp Keelback, an isolated UP position in the Amazon. They are investigating the reason why Keelback has lost contact with UP Command. On the ground, they found utter devastation; the entire base is destroyed, leaving only the AltComm Bunker intact. Inside, the Team found a small group of scientists, led by Dr. Christine Burke, protecting a Demon “storage unit”. This unique discovery must be studied by the UP scientific community immediately!

The Team discovered and captured a UAF SpecOps team sent to Keelback to contact an embedded UAF spy. IT Professional Mr. Kidd confessed to being the UAF spy. Additionally, the Professor discovered a strange EM signal being transmitted from a unique Demon Form to the Lunar Belt. Using his research, the UP developed a protocol for communicating with the Lunar Belt … assuming anything is listening.

Having secured Keelback, the Team resolved to bring the Storage unit to Dr. Malik Krylov, a UP scientist in Estonia deep in the new East Bloc. He is an acknowledged worldwide expert in Demon Form brain activity as well as one of the original creators of Russian cyberware. Since the Storage Unit is currently contained in an improvised life-support unit, UP Command suggested the Team take the Unit in the Freeship Oberth, fearing life-support may fail in-flight. The Team made contact with Kamilla Turner on the Oberth and arranged a rendezvous.


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